Our mission

  • Making World Green


    Green Madurai Nursery Garden is an plants nursery to garnish your home with greens easily. You can buy saplings only in Madurai. We sell Indoor/outdoor plants for residents, offices and hotels. We deliver only in Madurai.

    The Country Living Plant Collection

    Hundreds of horticultural plant varieties suitable for Madurai area
    catering the need of house-owners, hobbyist, roadside plantings, parks,
    landscaper are available. Flowering, foliage trees, fruit trees, palms,
    flowering-shrubs, ornamental shrubs, border-plant, heliconia, orchids,
    organic-manure, indoor-plants, medicinal plants, edible garden plants
    are available
    , through our association with Madurai\'s most popular lifestyle magazine, Country Living. We are offering a choice range of handpicked plants called \'The Country Living Plant Collection\'


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