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     When he came to Madurai when he was just a 19-year-old. Fresh from completing his diploma in agriculture, he started a career in a small way as a gardener: “I used to hire a spade on a rental basis and canvass door-to-door in and around K. Pudur and Athikulam, among other adjoining residential areas, offering myself to do gardening. At least three out of 20 houses would give me a job…”

    Slowly, the number increased. S. Innasimuthu (39) tells L. Srikrishna as how many house owners through word of mouth started asking him to do gardening work in their places situated on other parts of the city. For people who took my advice, I recommended plants which were ornamental in appearance.

    Today, Mr. Innasimuthu says, he has risen as an entrepreneur and employs 80 workers and 11 staff members in his company — “Green Madurai Nursery Garden” situated on the Alagarkoil-Kadachanendal stretch. He has a couple of branches too. Under one roof, he has a huge variety of plant saplings. He sells bio-manure suitable for all crops. He visits private farms offering consultancy/suggestions on what to grow and how to grow… He has a small, but well-equipped testing lab, which can assess the water quality, nitrogen, phosphorous and potash content in the soil et al.

    Hard work with dedication and determination never goes waste…Today, with utmost confidence; I can say that I am an expert in my field,” he says. He does not forget to thank the officials in the Agriculture Department, who were instrumental in his rise. The Assistant Director (Madurai East Block) S. Kanagaraj says that the department offered him ideas to set up an agri-clinic and provided him matching grant/subsidy. 


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