We have experts in Garden Landscape Designing for institutions, industries, hotels, parks, Office complexes, Apartments etc., who can design according to the latest technology and to the taste of the customers.


How we differ from others:

We use only Natural Organic Manures like vermicompost, jeevaamurtham, cow dung, panchakavya and biological pest control for cultivating Lawn Grass Mats and all Garden plants in our Nursery Garden.

Lawn grass mats produced through inorganic fertilizers are harvested in four months, where as lawn grass mats produced through Natural Organic Manure are harvested around Eight months and hence this Lawn Grass naturally possesses greater disease resisting capacity and the colour of the grass will be rich in Natural Green colour, which will not fade and become dull in due course of time.

All our Nursery Products that are produced through Natural Organic Manure will never pollute the land, ground water and possess Natural disease resisting capacity, climate stress-resisting Capacity, transplantation stress tolerance etc.These Lawn Grass and plants that are cultivated through natural manure have longer life span, than the plants and grass that are cultivated using inorganic chemical fertilizer.


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